Crude By Rail (CBR) Emergency Response

4-Hour Web-based Training

This program is designed for first responders with railroads passing through their jurisdiction. You will learn basic knowledge to respond to incidents involving CBR. The web-based training is designed for your convenience. You decide when and where to start your training.

Instructors teach this program in a format that is easy for you to understand, and it gives you the foundational information needed to make basic protective decisions in the event an incident happens in your jurisdiction.

The program covers:

 History of crude oil
 Planning and working with the railroads
 Basic tank car recognition and design
 Chemical, physical, and toxic properties of the different crude oil transported
 Basic site and damage assessment
 Tactical product control methods including:

  •    the application of firefighting foam agents
  •    water
  •    spill control procedures


Please contact us with any questions or comments.


There is a 25% fee for refunds on courses that have not been taken.